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you're right, actually. i am pretty- i'm, i'm pretty troubled and i'm, i'm pretty confused, and i'm afraid. really, really afraid. really afraid.
— donnie darko
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if i say shut your eyes ♥

und der typ im publikum macht das lied fast noch besser! 
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i'm back with scars to show. back with the streets i know. they never take me anywhere but here.
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"you'd better put seatbelts on your ears, Roy, 'cause i'm going to take them for the ride of their lives"

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pain is just a french word for bread
— hunger
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hach, schade :/ hab sie gestern gesehen und jetzt laufen sie bei mir rauf und runter :) ich denke ich bin süchtig, haha.
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ich hab mich verliebt. und zwar in diese herren da. also in die band. naja, vermutlich auch ein bisschen in die herren selbst.

i can't believe that after all the progress i've made
i fell deeper in the coma
but i think i'm starting to take some breath

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i have built a treehouse. i have built a treehouse. nobody can see us. it's a you and me house ♥
i had a dream, that you and i were both 16. holding hands after school. we didn't care who would see. you'd tell me that i was pretty and that you'd love me for life.
— amanda blank
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fuck yeah!
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Today, i was laxing on the beach, and some bro-hater threw the ball into the brocean. while i was trying to find it under water, i ran into broseidon. we fist bumped. it was chill
— paul h.
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dvd sammlung erweitern. me gusta!
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